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介绍中国女排 Chinese Women Volleyball Team

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Every Chinese, who experienced 1980s, will remember forever the day November 6th 1981 when the China National Women's Volleyball Team defeated the Japan National Team (the so-called "Toyo Women Magic") with 3 to 2 at the 3rd World Women's Volleyball Cup in Osaka Japan。 That's the first world title for China Women's Volleyball Team。 Everyone was shocked by this news。 At that time, China had just been out of the "Cultural Revolution"。 When the news was broadcasted, people burst into joyful tears。


Their victory was the result of all the former volleyball players' effort. In 1965,a famous coach of Japan was invited to China to help train the China National Women's Volleyball Team. Seeing both the players' conscientious and spirit and the support from the Chinese people, he exclaimed, "I'm sure that the China National Women's Volleyball Team will become strong!"


In 1982, the China National Women's Volleyball Team won the gold medal again at the World Women's Volleyball Championships in Peru under the leadership of Yuan Weimin。


In August 1984, the China National Women's Volleyball Team defeated successively the Japan National Team and the US National Team with 3 to 0, and won the gold medal again at the 23rd Olympic Games, which realized the "Triple Crown" dream at the world matches。 The pride head coach of Japan National Team said, "Defeating China National Team is equal to block the Yangtze River。 Both are impossible。" The American coach said, "I hope our children will play basketball as well as the Chinese girls。"


The elder players gradually retired after 1985。 Then Lang Ping, the World No。1 Spiker at that time, was named the captain。 She and her teammates went to Japan to join in the 4th World Cup, and won the title for the 4th time without losing any match。


Two years later, the China National Women's Volleyball Team came to the 14th World Women's Volleyball Team Championships。 Though the famous players, such as the "Iron Girl" Cao Huiying, the "Iron Hammer" Lang Ping, the "Wall of Tian An Men Rostrum" Zhou Xiaolan, and the "Quick Attacker" Zhang Rongfang, had retired, the Chinese girls still won the gold medal by their strength and wisdom。 The "Penta Crown" shocked the world。 What a miracle!


The "Penta Crown" is not only a great honor, but also an ever spur。 It has become the spirit of the China National Women's Volleyball Team。 At present, the China National Women's Volleyball Team has become a symbol of striving and competing in Chinese people's hearts。


As the fast development of other countries' volleyball career, the China National Women's Volleyball Team had lost parts of their advantages for a period。 In early 1995, Lang Ping, the former core player of the "Penta Crown" team, became the head coach of the Chinese National Team。 Though it's very hard to train these young players in such a short time, she made it。 The China National Women's Volleyball Team won the bronze medals at the 7th World Cups at the end of 1995。 Then they won the silver medals at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, and the gold medals at the 13th Asian Games in 1998。 The China National Women's Volleyball Team became the No。1 in Asian again。 What's more, they made a greater miracle at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004。 These young girls defeated the rival in a very disadvantaged situation and won the gold medals finally, which were the bestaffirmation for their previous hard work。


Along with Reform and Opening up Policy's carrying on and the Spirit of the National Women's Volleyball Team, volleyball had spread in all parts of China。 You can find people playing volleyball everywhere, not only in the residential areas and the countryside, but also in schools and factories。 The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games render a nationwide movement of body-building in China。 Meanwhile, it serves more chances for the sports events development including the volleyball in China。



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